Benefits of Taking Olive Leaf Extract Supplements

The benefits of olive leaf extract are not that much different from other plant extracts. It seems that nature provided everything that early healers needed to treat their patients. The olive leaf benefit was well known by traditional healers in the Mediterranean area, to which the tree is native.

In other areas of the world, healers used herbs and other plants that were available to them. Modern scientific research has shown that many plants have medicinal activity. The benefits of olive leaf extract include reducing inflammation and treating infection, preventing infection and strengthening the immune system. It has been used to reduce high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels and high cholesterol levels.

Traditional healers in China did not have regular access to the olive leaf benefit, but they did have an abundance of green tea leaves. Modern research has shown that antioxidants and other compounds present in the leaves have anti-inflammatory activity. The tea has been used for eliminating indigestion, supporting heart health, reducing cholesterol, treating warts and improving brain function.

Native American people were not aware of the olive leaf benefit, but they did have milk thistle. The seeds were used to treat a variety of ailments, but it was particularly valued as a liver strengthener. Modern studies have come up with various conclusions over the years, but potentially, it can be used to lower cholesterol and reduce insulin resistance, a major factor in type II diabetes.

Fruits, berries, seeds, spices and plants of all kinds have medicinal uses. These natural cures are not a part of mainstream medical treatments, because modern man had thought he had moved beyond the use of “folk remedies”. As it turns out, those folk remedies are safer and just as, if not more effective, than modern-day prescription drugs. In fact, many of the popular prescription drugs are simply synthetic versions of naturally occurring compounds.

A drug company can receive a patent for a synthetic compound. Naturally occurring ones can only be patented if they are combined in a unique way or isolated and extracted using a unique process. For example, one company holds a patent on a compound called “Opti-sharp”. It contains antioxidants found in marigold that are known to protect the health of the eyes and improve vision.

Knowing the benefits of olive leaf extract to those that suffer from high blood pressure and high cholesterol, one company has patented a concentrated extract called EFLA and shown that a 1000mg dose significantly lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. As far as a daily supplement goes, that dosage is too high. You can get the olive leaf benefit in a much lower dose, if the supplement is well designed.

Why not get the combined benefits of olive leaf extract, green tea, milk thistle and a variety of other plants and nutrients? Plain old magnesium has been shown to help lower blood pressure. Vitamin D has anti-cancer activity, a possible olive leaf benefit.

Studies in the US and Canada have shown that are vegetables and fruits are not as nutritious as they were even 50 years ago. It is nearly impossible to meet even basic nutritional requirements through diet alone. But, if you take the right supplement, you can prevent nutritional deficiencies and get the benefits of olive leaf extract, at the same time.